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Clinomaniac, FunVOCAB by Verbalisticlinomania

noun – an obsession with bed rest; an excessive and irrational desire to stay in bed

ClinomaniacClinomania comes from Greek meaning the obsession of sleeping. Clinomania is also known as dysania.

There are numerous illnesses, diseases and disorders that can lead to tiredness, but clinomania is different. Clinomania is much more serious than not wanting to get out of bed on a cold day or on the Monday following a weekend of partying, yet it is not related to any disease or illness. People who suffer from clinomania often stay in bed all day, sometimes for several days at a time, often missing work and other social and family obligations.

There doesn’t appear to be a wealth of information available online about clinomania yet. In fact, it isn’t even mentioned in the online Merriam-Webster dictionary we often refer to.


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