Rečnik zanimljivih engleskih reči – wheedle

Engleski recnik - Definition of wheedle in Englishwheedle
Pronunciation: /ˈwiːd(ə)l/

-dled, -dling. 

1. to try to influence (a person) by flattering or beguiling words or acts; cajole.
2. to persuade (a person) by such words or acts: She wheedled him into going with her.
3. to obtain (something) by artful persuasions: I wheedled a new car out of my father.
4. to use beguiling or artful persuasions.

Other example citations:
use endearments or flattery to persuade someone to do something or give one something: she wheedled her way on to the guest list [with object]:she had wheedled us into employing her brother

noun – wheedler

Mid 17th century: perhaps from German wedeln ‘cringe, fawn’, from Wedel ‘tail, fan’


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