Engleski rečnik u slikama – digitalni foto aparati

Digital Cameras

Klikni ovde i unapredi svoj rečnik engleskih reči vezanih za digitalnu fotografiju i foto aparate

We all have them on our phones now, but serious photos still require serious cameras… or at least hi-tech ones. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors… and price tags. Which one is right for you? What vocabulary will you need to buy one in New York or London? It’s all here, in sharp detail!

Engleski recnik u slikama za digitalne kamere, VerbalistiLanguage is alive and forever changing. Approximately 25,000 new words are introduced into English on an annual basis. In the spirit of teaching you vocabulary skills in an entertaining way and to keep you with a finger on the linguistic pulse, the language network Verbalisti brings favourite ‘new’ words and expressions to the language in our FunVOCAB. Click here and enjoy!

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