Kurs engleskog jezika i filmska produkcija u Holivudu

Kurs engleskog u kombinaciji sa filmskom produkcijom

On Thursday March 24th the English Plus Film students at Kings Los Angeles held their second and final film screening.

The students’ final two projects were shown for a packed house: a black and white drama about an emotionally troubled woman, and a lighthearted action-comedy about the most desirable chocolate bar in the world.

The student lounge was converted into our own Dolby Theater for the event, complete with balloons, red carpet and photo booth. After the screening, “Kings Oscar” awards were handed out to the students, including “Best Actor”, “Best Director” and “Most Improved English”.

The students, from Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Serbia and the Czech Republic spent the 12 weeks of the course practicing and honing their English while they learned about everything that it takes to make a movie. The students get hands-on experience writing, directing, acting, shooting and editing. Over the course of the class they all work together in different roles to make several short films of their own. Student Marietta Walter says of the course, “The 12 week English Plus Film course was one of the greatest experiences in my life so far. Kings has helped me to discover some of my inner potential.”

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The Verbalists Language Network prepared the video showcasing the English Plus Film course’s work:

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