Ekskluzivan intervju s Nemanjom Vidićem – škola jezika i fudbala Mančester junajteda

Manchester United Nemanja Vidic

Nemanja Vidic announced his impending departure from Manchester United this summer but the Reds’ young defenders of Manchester United Language & Soccer Schools should, in Vida’s four remaining months, soak up as much of his experience and advice as possible.


Speaking before confirming that he will bring the curtain down on eight years at the club, Nemanja told us about his prevailing passion for his trade, talking in detail about going man-to-man with the game’s toughest strikers – and it all stands as testament to his much-loved, battle-hardened style…

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Exclusive Nemanja Vidic interview ahead of Sunday’s showdown with Chelsea

Manchester United skipper Nemanja Vidic looks ahead to Sunday’s showdown with Chelsea and assesses the state of the play in the Barclays Premier League…

Fudbalski kamp Manchester Uniteda, Nemanja Vidic

Has last weekend’s win over Swansea lifted spirits in the camp?

It was important to win that game, especially after a few bad results. It’s lifted spirits, yes, but we have to keep winning and if we can look at the table and see ourselves much higher than we are at the moment then we will be more satisfied. But until then we have to keep training well and improving, and we need to win a few matches in a row.

You’ve only really been used to success in your time at United and seeing the team in the top positions in the table – how does it feel when you look at it now?

I’m not looking at it now! [Smiles]. I am waiting until we win a few matches in a row then I’ll look at it again. Hopefully we can perform well in the next game. We need consistency now, not necessarily with great performances, but with results; we need a few wins in a row.

Nemanja Vidic intervjuRealistically, what is achievable between now and the end of the season?

It’s hard to say. My view is that the results in the next six or seven matches will tell us what our aim is for the rest of the season. The next game is Chelsea away – a tough match, but if we win we’ll only be six points behind Chelsea. That still gives us a chance to think about maybe winning the title. I know, at the moment, it maybe doesn’t sound right to think that way [when you look at the table], but we still hope that with a few wins in a row we can still challenge and from there we can see what our position is.

So you haven’t given up on the title?

No, I’m not giving up, not yet.

Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie have been out for periods in the season – how difficult has it been to be without them?

I think we have had bad luck this season. We had tough fixtures at the start of the season when we had changed the manager and there was a lot of pressure and expectation on him. If we had won the first few matches maybe everything would be different. We haven’t had luck with injuries either. It’s been a very stop-start season for us and there are a few reasons for that. I’m not trying to find excuses because we have a big squad and a lot of good players, but I just hope there will be a better times for us coming up.

Results in the league have improved, winning five of the last six ahead of Sunday’s trip to Chelsea. But is it frustrating the other teams haven’t been dropping points in that time?

It is frustrating, but I’ve said before that when you lose matches some of your opponents lose matches as well. I don’t think we should look at other teams. We need to focus on ourselves and try to do the best we can and then we’ll see where we are. Hopefully with a few players coming back from injury we can be stronger in the last part of the season.


Fudbalski kamp Manchester Uniteda i skola jezika, Verbalisti


Regionalna jezička mreža Verbalisti zastupa ekskluzivno fudbalsko-jezički kamp slavnog Manchester Uniteda. Sportski kamp se organizuje tokom aprila, jula i avgusta u koledžu Bradfield pokraj Londona, a program je namenjen polaznicima uzrasta 8 do 17 godina. Za detalje programa i cene klikni ovde.

Upis je u toku! Ne propusti šansu da doživiš nešto što ćeš pamtiti celog života. Broj mesta je ograničen, zato ako si u Srbiji, Crnoj Gori, Bosni i Hercegovini, Hrvatskoj ili Makedoniji, prijavi se ovde

Ne postoji lepši poklon za mlade koji vole fudbal od mogućnosti da uče engleski jezik dok treniraju fudbal u najelitnijem svetskom klubu.


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Milos Bikovic

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