Advanced conversation English course in Belgrade for young learners

communication courses by verbalistsVerbalize Yourself! Program (15-19 yrs)

After the great success that the Verbalize Yourself! program has achieved among our adult learners (click here for more details), we have adjusted that advanced English learning communication course to tailor it for those who are just starting their path to success – high school students!

Much more than an English conversation course – Verbalize Yourself! is a language program that provides a unique opportunity to develop and enhance your analytical and debate skills in English that are most important for academic and business success, and yet often neglected by schools’ teaching even in our mother tongue. Our expertise in language training, coupled with a long standing experience in business, have helped us better understand the learning needs of young people who are about to enter or have already started their studies at home and abroad. Their main problem is the lack of adequate written communication skills. The Verbalize Yourself! Program develops those abilities which makes it much more than an English conversation course.

Celebrities as guests and trainers – Our team of native English speaking lecturers and professors will be sometimes joined by successful business people and public figures, offering their expertise and experience relating to the development of communication skills. Dynamics and excitement will not be missed on this course!

Scholarships & awards – The uniqueness of the program is also characterized by its prizes and grants. We are very pleased to announce our support to young Verbalists by way of granting scholarships (up to 100%), discounts and valuable awards.

The content, the prestige and the awards of Verbalize Yourself!

  • The Program aims to improve spoken and written communication skills in English, enriching vocabulary, team working, and gaining additional knowledge about certain topics.
  • Communication practice is done through: conducting discussions and debates (current subjects), public speaking exercises, role plays, quizzes and competitions as well as public figures’ lectures.
  • Each class is held by a professor (usually a native speaker). At the time of debates, another teacher will join the class, so each debating team will be spearheaded by an experienced moderator.
  • In addition to the professors/moderators, a famous celebrity will take part in one of the classes to pass on his/her valuable knowledge and experience, and “spark” the discussion on a particular topic. The Verbalists Language Network has gained high popularity and reputation in the region and worldwide for its unique ways of doing business. One of our ways is the active role and support of public figures in educating participants of all ages, especially young people. We invite you to visit our Speak Your Mind! here to review most interesting interviews. Some of those famous local and international names will be guests in the Verbalize Yourself! program!
  • The program is delivered in cooperation with two of the world’s renowned English language schools, British KINGS and IELS language institute, both of which are exclusively represented by the Verbalists Language Network in the South East Europe region.

The KINGS EDUCATION group has schools in London, Oxford, Brighton, Bournemouth, Los Angeles, Boston and New York. KINGS is a licensed IELTS Testing Center and the leading school for conducting preparatory courses for IELTS and TOEFL exams. The accreditation and reputation of the IELS (Institute of English Language Studies) are equally impressive. IELS is one of the largest schools in Malta, the founder of the Federation of English Language Teaching Organizations (FELTOM), which is in charge of the quality assurance and control of English language teaching activities as well as of the schools themselves. The school is an authorized Cambridge Center as well.

  • The student who is evaluated as the best performer, or who achieves the highest score at the end of the program, will be awarded by the Verbalists Language Network and its partners, KINGS and IELS schools, a free English language course for two weeks in England or in Malta – an award of €1,500!
  • All program participants are also offered a discount of 20% off the price of any course at KINGS and IELS schools.

Who should attend the program?

Young learners aged from 15 to 19 whose level of English knowledge is minimum B2.

Applicants will be tested before the start of the course to make sure that their knowledge of English is in accordance with the requirements of the program.

When and where?

  • The program is planned to start on November 7th, and to end on December 23rd, with a total of 14 double classes (28 45-min lessons in total);
  • Each double class is 90 minutes long (with a 10 minute break);
  • Classes are held twice a week – Tuesdays at 20:30 and Saturdays at 12:00
  • Group size: up to 8 participants
  • Classes are held in our modern language center in the very heart of Belgrade – Kolarceva 5, 2nd floor, Suite# 12.

Important note: The number of participants is strictly limited, so we recommend an early enrolment.

Tuition Fee and Scholarships

170 Euros for 14 double-classes (28 lessons), paid in Dinars (RSD).

Important Note: The Verbalists Language Network will award scholarships for highly talented high school students, with low family income (a scholarship may be up to 100% of the tuition fee). Terms and conditions of scholarships are to be agreed separately with each recipient of a scholarship.

Enrolment procedure

The enrolment can be completed in person at our premises at Kolarceva 5, 2nd Floor, Suite # 12, during working days from 13.00 to 17.00, or via the Internet.

The first step is to submit a registration form which you can fill in here, or in our office.

Once we receive a registration form, we’ll let you know about the course availability, and if there is a place, schedule an entry (assessment) test. If the entry test result shows that a student’s English language knowledge is at least at B2 level, then a tuition fee must be paid (in cash or by money transfer) within 48 hours from the moment of getting our written confirmation of course reservation. If the payment is not received within the allotted time, the course reservation becomes invalid. Please note that the completion of the registration form does not imply acceptance into the program. An enrolment certificate is issued only after the tuition fee is received.

If you want more information, we will be pleased to meet you at our language center during working days from 13:00 to 17:00, or please call us at: +381-11 262-3726 and +381-63 393-383. You may also fill out the contact form below or write to