Join the advanced English conversation course in Belgrade and Verbalize Yourself! to improve your communication skills

english conversation course by verbalists

If you are between 15 and 19 years old, you love English and speak it well, we invite you to join the popular advanced English communication course – Verbalize Yourself! Improve your English and communication skills at the same time.

See the program details and enrollment procedure here.

The program is delivered in cooperation with two of the world’s renowned English language schools, British KINGS and the IELS language institute, both of which are exclusively represented by the Verbalists Language Network in the South East Europe region.

The student who will score the highest grades will be awarded a free two-week English course in Malta or England!

Twice a week, and in a small group (up to eight students), you have the opportunity to improve your written and oral English communication skills as well as debating and analytical skills. Teaching takes place under the mentorship of a professor who is a native English speaker, while during the hours of the competition and the debate, another professor will join to be the leader of the rival team.

Our Special treat is a lesson in which we will host some of our prominent public figures and public speaking champions to share their valuable experiences and knowledge with you.

Hurry up and Verbalize Yourself! here as the number of participants is strictly limited 🙂

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