Priprema za IELTS i iskustvo polaznice škole jezika u Oxfordu

Ana Ozbolt from Croatia took the Super Intensive IELTS preparation course with us in Oxford this summer. We caught up with her to find out about her experience, and to hear about her much deserved success in the exam.

pripremni kurs za IELTS, Verbalisti

1. What course did you take at Kings and how long did you study for?

Ana: I chose Super Intensive IELTS preparation Course, which lasted 3 weeks and it was very helpful for the IELTS test.

Ana Ožbolt, pozalnica skole engleskog jezika Kings u Oxfordu, Verbalisti
Ana Ožbolt

2. What was your main reason for taking the IELTS exam?

Ana: Well, I’m in the last year of high school, so I need to choose what I’m going to study. I was planning to go study abroad so I had to be prepared and expend my vocabulary range, too.

3. What was/were your final score(s), and was it what you had hoped to achieve?

Ana: I am very pleased with my IELTS total score which is 7.0. To be honest, IELTS test is quite exhausting and at the end I was very tired. My scores are: Listening 7.5 Reading 7.0 Writing 6.0 and Speaking 7.5. Believe me, it is a huge progress for me.

4. Do you feel you made good progress at Kings?

Ana: As I said before, I’m very satisfied. Before this course, I couldn’t imagine that I will be able to write two essays in one hour. Maybe I could do even better, but there was a lot of stress and pressure. 

Polaznici skole jezika u Oksfordu, Verbalisti5. What skills do you think you improved most during your time with us?

Ana: In my opinion, my speaking and reading skills have increased. Although I didn’t achieve my best result in writing, I think that during the practice in the school and for homework I did much better completion of the writing task and that will be useful in the future.

6. How did you find the teaching and classes at Kings?

Ana: At the beginning, I found the schedule a little bit intense, but eventually I got used to it. My teachers, Gabrielle and Steve, were helpful and always ready to help, like the rest of Kings’ staff. I need to mention my coursemates who were very generous, supportive and good-natured. 

7. Had you been to Oxford before and what did you like most about the city?

Ana: I’ve never been to Oxford before, but I am thrilled with the city. Oxford simply has the spirit. I enjoyed the long walks around Oxford. My favourite place in Oxford is the path along the river. It was peaceful, quiet and absolutely beautiful. 

8. Would you recommend Kings to other people from your home country?

Ana: I would certainly recommend the course to everyone who want to develop their English skills and learn about new culture. In my country, students must take an English test similar to IELTS at the end of high school. So, this course was excellent preparation for my further education.

Pripremni kurs za polaganje IELTS ispita u Oksfordu

Ukoliko želite da se pripremite za polaganje IELTS ispita u jednoj od najboljih jezičkih škola na svetu, onda su programi u Kings koledžu u Oksfordu pravo rešenje za vas. U Kings Oxfordu ćete sigurno dobiti najviši kvalitet i prestiž a da ne morate da plaćate prestižnu cenu za vaše jezičko usavršavanje.

Za detalje programa i cene kliknite ovde ili na link u nastavku:

Jezička mreža Verbalisti ekskluzivno zastupa Kings Colleges u gotovo celoj jugoistočnoj Evropi. Koledž Kings osnovan je 1980. godine i već na samom početku dobio je akreditaciju Britanskog saveta, što je svojevrsna garancija njegovog kvaliteta. Svi profesori su univerzitetski obrazovani, sertifikovani IELTS ispitivači sa specijalizacijama Univerziteta u Kembridžu (CELTA, DELTA).

Kings Oxford je i zvaničan centar za IELTS testiranje još od 1996. godine i u njemu se godišnje testira više od 3.500 kandidata, po čemu je Kings Oxford jedan od najvećih centara za IELTS testiranje u Velikoj Britaniji. To takođe znači i da su sva testiranja koja se obavljaju u gradu Oksfordu administrirana od strane predstavnika Kings koledža.

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