Obilasci istočnog Londona (East End) kao deo jezičkog programa verbalista

Istočni London (East End) je bio jedan od najsiromašnijih okruga i mesto gde se odigrao najveći deo industrijskog razvoja tog grada. Nekad poznat po brojnom doseljeničkom stanovništvu, visokoj stopi kriminala, kao i ubistvima Džeka Trboseka, danas je to umetnički kvart odeven u jedne od najlepših murala na svetu. Ovde je snimao Hičkog, kuvao Džejmi Oliver i slikao Banksi.

U današnjem izdanju bloga engleskog jezika upoznajemo se sa atrakcijama i mestima istočnog Londona koji su postali nerazdvojni deo našeg jezičkog putovanja. Ne propustite da sve ovo i mnogo više vidite uživo ovog leta; upišite ovde jezički program My LONDON za FunTASTIČAN doživljaj tog grada 🙂

My LONDON East End walking tour, Verbalisti

The East End is the coolest place in Great Britain. As part of the program My LONDON, a Verbalisti language travel guide will show you around in this interesting quarter of London. Here, we will discover paintings of the famous street artist Banksy at many places. Take a camera because street art is super photogenic 🙂

Verbalists’ My LONDON language travel program – THE EAST END TOUR

Street art in East End, London
Street art in East End

East London is a street art and graffiti hub, with artists travelling from all over the world to leave their mark on London. Lots of artists are living in the East End, but this part of London also played an important role in the career of famous celebrities. Jamie Oliver opened a social Restaurant in the East End, Alfred Hitchcock made some movies there and Damien Hirst made his name in a local gallery.

Verbalisti will show you the street art that has come to characterize the East End, most notably by the elusive artist Banksy, and walk down streets lined with family stores laden with rolls of brightly-decorated fabric. But this tour is more than just a history lesson – you will also be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the secret world of street art. With over 40 pieces of art located both above and below eye-level, down narrow alleys and in tight corners there is plenty for you to look at. The tour is unique and fresh with the artwork changing daily – we may even get to see a street artist at work!

Jack The Ripper, London's first serial killer, never caught
Jack The Ripper, London’s first serial killer, never caught

But there is much more! As part of our language travel tour, you’ll also touch a bit on the terrifying legacy of Jack the Ripper, one of the world’s first serial killers. We will follow the steps of Jack The Ripper, who was never caught, as we trace his path amongst the maze of narrow cobbled streets, where in five short months of the summer of 1888 the East End of London was terrorized by the most brutal & horrific slaughter of a series of women. The Jack the Ripper murders occurred in an area comprising of little more than one square mile, with all victims being prostitutes. There were 11 murders in total, and these became known as the Whitechapel Murders.

Back in those times, Whitechapel had some of London’s worst slums, highest death rates and the most dreadful living conditions. Every day was a constant fight for survival, where people were endlessly fighting for jobs in order to feed their families. The area was densely populated, with the worst area seen to be the “evil quarter mile”.

We will also explore the only circus school in England on our tour through this amazing quarter.

At the end of the tour, you are free to carry on exploring on your own or you can join your guide for lunch at one of the finest East End curry houses. Yum! Or you can take a breather and enjoy a Pie & Mash, the traditional dish of the working class in London, in one of the numerous pubs.


  • Learn about the ever-changing street art scene in the East End of London
  • Hear harrowing stories about East End gangsters
  • Follow in the footsteps of the notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper
  • Find out what Dracula, Banksy, and the Elephant Man all have in common
  • Join Verbalisti guide for an optional curry lunch


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