Vizuelni engleski rečnik na temu praznika Thanksgiving

Klikni ovde i nauči 32 nove reči i izraze vezane za jedan od najvažnijih praznika u Americi. Za svaki element vokabulara postoji ilustracija, definicija, primer njegove upotrebe i izgovor.

The first American Thanksgiving was held in 1621 by early colonists who were celebrating a successful harvest. Originally, they were giving thanks to God for providing them with such a bountiful feast, but the holiday quickly evolved to a civil holiday, recognized by the state and nation more so than the church.

Engleski foto recnik na temu praznika Thanksgiving, VerbalistiLanguage is alive and forever changing. Approximately 25,000 new words are introduced into English on an annual basis. In the spirit of teaching you vocabulary skills in an entertaining way and to keep you with a finger on the linguistic pulse, the language network Verbalisti brings favourite ‘new’ words and expressions to the language in our FunVOCAB. Click here and enjoy!

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