Rečnik engleskih reči za kulinare


Klikni ovde za naš “kuvarski” rečnik 🙂

Cooking is a lot more than just preparing food. It’s a form of culture, of hospitality, of enjoyment of life, and for many it’s a fun hobby that provides a prize at the end of the effort: a great meal! People may differ as to which national cuisine is best, but meals everywhere all start with one person: the cook!

Engleski recnik za kuvare

Language is alive and forever changing. Approximately 25,000 new words are introduced into English on an annual basis. In the spirit of teaching you vocabulary skills in an entertaining way and to keep you with a finger on the linguistic pulse, the language network Verbalisti brings favourite ‘new’ words and expressions to the language in our FunVOCAB. Click here and enjoy!


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