Iskustva profesora engleskog jezika i najčešće greške polaznika (VIDEO)

Najcesce greske u ucenju engleskog, The Five Gentlmen
The Five Gentlmen – three of the five gentlemen
Jezička mreža Verbalisti

Brits are known for their dry wit, but students learning English as a foreign language don’t always understand the UK’s trademark sarcasm, explains Jon Green, an English teacher at the British Council in Warsaw and one of the stars of ‘The Five Gentlemen’ series of English language teaching videos.

In all my years of teaching English in Poland, I have observed many funny, interesting and absurd things. In a recent video series called ‘The Five Gentlemen’, four of my fellow teachers and I shared a few of the highs and lows of teaching English, common errors we have observed in and out of the classroom, and our impressions of being English native speakers and living in a country such as Poland.

We talk about things like celebrity names, classic student mispronunciations (and how to put them right) and other language errors common to all learners.

“Staying alive” ili “standing in line”?

Gospodar Jevremova 9a, Belgrade, Serbia

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