Najpopularniji sadržaji za učenje engleskog jezika – English Attack! Best of 2012

Najpopularniji online sadrzaji za ucenje engleskog jezika u 2012.
Najpopularniji online sadržaji za učenje engleskog jezika u 2012. na portalu English Attack!
Jezička mreža Verbalisti

The most popular Video Boosters of 2012 all week on English Attack!

Klikni ovde i provežbaj engleski sa Video Booster-om Dark Shadows. Proverite i ostale besplatne sadržaje u Photo Vocab i Game Challenge

Best of 2012, English AttackAll this week on English Attack! you’ll have the chance to review and re-learn from the year’s top Video Boosters, as measured by total user plays. The learning units that you liked best are as diverse as the site itself, but of particular note is the popularity of animated films – with three clips in the top seven – and music, with two, including the year’s no. 1 Video Booster, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Our Best Of 2012 list underlines the advantage of learning or improving your English with English Attack! Thanks to the fresh learning units continuously published on the site, you are in constant touch with the world of English the way it is really spoken and used today in entertainment and factual media. Over time, especially if you visit the site often and sign up for a Booster Pass, this “digital immersion” will result in faster mastery of the language combined with great absorption of today’s Anglophone culture.

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