Najbolje reklame – voda Contrex (VIDEO)

Možda smo malo “zapostavili” francuski jezik na našoj jezičkoj mreži ali ćemo se za to iskupiti jednom zaista fenomenalnom francuskom reklamom za mineralnu vodu Contrex. U ovom spotu je sve prisutno – originalna ideja, duhovitost, odlično prenesena i jasna poruka i muzika koja se savršeno uklapa u celu priču. Za ovako dobru reklamu zaslužna je agencija Marcel iz Pariza.

Najbolje reklame, mineralna voda Contrex

Contrex – Ma Contrexpérience

Tous les ans, les magazines nous annoncent un nouveau régime miracle.

Et à chaque fois, le même constat : ça ne marche pas.

Pour mincir efficacement et durablement, il n’y a pas de miracle, il faut adopter un régime équilibré, boire de l’eau et faire régulièrement de l’exercice.

Envie de baisser les bras ? C’est là qu’intervient votre partenaire minceur. Mincir sans se forcer, de façon fun et ludique c’est possible.

“Contrexperience” TV Commercial for Contrex Mineral Water by Marcel Paris

Every year a new diet or fad comes out that promises to burn of the fatty parts other fads can’t reach. But despite heavy marketing enticements many people lose motivation, especially if results are slow to materialize.

It is obviously very hard to sell something that comes out of the tap for free,  but this challenges mineral water brands to create better advertising.

Contrex came up with a TVC using footage from a fun PR stunt that encouraged women to lose weight and have fun while doing it. Ten pink exercise bikes were laid across the front of a palatial building in Paris. Each bike was linked to neon wires that were attached to the front of the building.

As people started to pedal, a huge pink laser man was brought to life on the building’s facade, and proceeded to strip. The more people pedaled, the more the neon man stripped. Strenuous and enthusiastic pedaling resulted in the man ending up totally naked. Fortunately, he covered his modesty with a plaque reading “Bravo, vous avez dépensé 2000 calories” (trans. “Well done, you have just lost 2,000 calories”).


Gospodar Jevremova 9a, Belgrade, Serbia

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