Poslovni engleski na portalu English Attack!

Vikend poslovnog engleskog na portalu English Attack! – današnja tema su poslovni sastanci a sutra kreativnost u poslovanju. Ne propustite vežbe sve tri nastavne jedinice – Video Booster, foto rečnik i igre.

Poslovni engleski sa jezickom mrezom Verbalisti
Poslovni engleski sa jezičkom mrezom Verbalisti
Jezička mreža Verbalisti

Vežbe za subotu:
Poslovni engleski i priprema sastanka, Video Booster – Business Meetings
Rečnik poslovnog engleskog – poslovni sastanci Photo Vocabs
Igra Swap Mania za bolji poslovni engleski – Business Meetings

English for business effectiveness and creativity

We all know that English is essential for a successful business career. But we don’t always evaluate exactly why. One of the reasons is that English opens up the ability to learn from experts, managers and colleagues so that you can continuously improve your skills, effectiveness and ability to innovate in all areas of business.

This weekend on English Attack!, we look at two ways to boost your business IQ…. as long as you can follow the learning units! But you will, don’t worry. On Saturday we will look at that central feature of all businesses – business meetings – and discover ways to make them more efficient. And on Sunday we will open up our minds to see how we can get more creative in finding solutions and making great products or services.

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