Najbolje reklame, tv spot za Pepsi “We Will Rock You” sa Britney Spears, Pink i Beyonce (VIDEO)

Reklama za Pepsi “We Will Rock You” sa Britney Spears, Pink i Beyonce

Pepsi reklama We Will Rock You

The commercial is set in the Roman Coliseum. A gladiatorial combat between 3 lady gladiators is about to occur. They come out to chants from the crowd but refuse to fight. They drink Pepsi instead and sing We will rock you by Queen.

P!nk’s outfit is inspired from Hades.
Beyonce’s outfit is inspired from Poseidon.
And Brittany’s outfit is inspired from Zues.

This commercial is perfection.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Paris

Gospodar Jevremova 9a, Belgrade, Serbia

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